Case study: ISG

Delivery of online training to raise quality and to lower business costs.


ISG is a construction services company that delivers places that help people and businesses thrive while being focused on delivering smarter and more resilient places of tomorrow.


In 2017 ISG embarked upon an in-depth business analysis. As a result, five key business areas were identified where significant improvements in both quality and savings could be achieved. These improvements would be achieved through more rigorous adherence to existing workflows and audit trails.

One of the key goals was to deliver a range of training to employees. While the more practical elements of the training would be delivered face-to-face in the classroom, by experts from partner trade associations, Elearning East were approached to provide expertise and support for those parts of the training that could be delivered in an online context.

Moreover, the online training would be hosted on a brand new, company management system (CMS). Employees would need help and support in performing day-to-day actions on the new system.


Together, ISG and Elearning East reviewed ISG’s PowerPoint-based training notes, and developed an outline of how it could all be formed into coherent courses that would work in the online context.

Elearning East gave advice on how best to prepare scripts and training notes for delivery online, i.e. where the trainer and learner are not in direct contact.

Using standard video and audio editing tools, Elearning East prepared all the video and audio elements for inclusion in the courses. Then, using Articulate Storyline software, we combined that video and audio narration with into an attractive, clear, brand-compliant and, most importantly, effective online courses, which are to lay the foundations for later classroom-based practical workshops. The narrated slides also feature subtitles (closed captions) which increases accessibility. The courses are all SCORM-compliant, which means that users’ progress can be tracked by any SCORM-compliant learning management system (LMS).

To ease the pain of working with a new CMS, we created narrated and annotated screencasts to demonstrate how to perform common key tasks. These videos would be easily accessible by visiting the CMS’s How to use CMS help and support area. Elearning East again used the Articulate software suite to record a user performing each task, to annotate the screen, to incorporate the narration, and finally to output the videos in MP4 format for upload to the CMS.

screenshot from Fixings training module

screenshot from Policies and Standards help video


The learning interventions have had very wide exposure within the business and have provided a significant contribution to awareness around the management system and quality procedures.

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